Our Growhuts were designed primarily to offer families an alternative to the fragile “kit” greenhouses that quickly make their way to the landfill due to the winds and U.V. rays in the Rocky Mountain West. We build our greenhouses like we build our barns and because they are pre-built, the 75mph trip down the highway provides an added testing ground.

Our finishing touches and custom options ensure that our Growhuts are not only built the best but also look the best.

CLICK HERE – Download the 2019 GrowHuts Greenhouse and Shed Brochure

  • Greenhouses come standard with window, Dutch-Door and one automatic roof vent.
  • Additional Vents are $195 each.
  • Built-in potting benches are $40 per foot of bench
  • Built-in planting beds are $65 per foot of bed
  • (Any combination of bed and bench available by order)[/two_third]


The result is a custom, durable frame that is second to none in beauty, durability, and value.

Built to Last

Almost no place on earth provides harsher conditions than where we call home. Built to meet the expectations of customers in our own back yard of Yellowstone country, we use structural lumber and premium fasteners to ensure our frames won’t be compromised by high winds or heavy snow load.


8mm (5/16”) twin-wall polycarbonate is our standard panel. 16mm (5/8”) and 25mm (1”) 3 wall polycarbonate panels are also available. Virtually unbreakable, our panels are made in America and the U.V. coating is covered with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.


A Large automated roof vent is included in each greenhouse, as is our window and Dutch-door for upward and end to end air circulation. Additional roof vents can be added.


Hand crafted doors and windows add function, curb appeal and value. Our Dutch-Door design comes standard. These doors are split in two sections so half can be left open, while the bottom half is closed.  This promotes ventilation while keeping out unwanted visitors.


Built for the mountain west, our structures only add value to your real estate as a substantial and beautiful outbuilding.


Not just for looks, our greenhouses can grow a lot of healthy food without battling the outdoor elements.


We don’t offer traditional kits for the reasons stated above. However, we appreciate the do-it-your-self spirit so we do offer the polycarbonate panels, aluminum trim and hardware to those who want to design their own and source the other materials. As the areas largest buyer/distributor of polycarbonate panels, we can save you the exorbitant freighting and shipping costs associated with small orders.