How do I get a Growhut or shed to my home?
Delivery is always available. Reasonable fees may apply depending on your location and the site where your greenhouse will be placed.

What are the advantages of Twin Walled Polycarbonate over standard glass or single layered glazings?
8mm twin walled polycarbonate is the standard glazing used in our Grow Huts. Virtually unbreakable, it is also highly insulating, UV resistant, lightweight, and 300 x stronger than glass. Channels between the double walls trap air to reduce the risk of leaf burn, and eliminate condensation build-up, (dripping from overhead). Upgrades to thicker more insulating polycarbonate are available.

Are there other models or sizes available?
Yes. Just call us for additional information on other greenhouses and multifunctional outbuildings, or build to suit projects. Growhuts is a “growing” business and is hard at work every day in designing and building innovative, efficient and attractive outbuildings to add function to your property while supporting a healthy and resilient lifestyle.

What type of foundation should I prepare?
Some of our customers don’t want to bother with the added expense of a foundation. Depending on the climate, and because our buildings sit on a Redwood plate or pressure treated skids, direct ground placement is fine. A typical approach is placement on a 4-6” gravel (“crush” or “chip” gravel, not pea gravel) pad, a timber or rail road tie foundation, or both. For help with this, contact Grow Huts or your local landscaper.